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Italy, Lombardia, Milan
01.10.2020 - 31.10.2021
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    In an era of accelerating technical advancement, the coalescence of productivity and creativity is crucial.,[object Object],,[object Object],Aurora takes a long-term approach, developing outstanding young talents into 21st century game changers, capable of imagining and creating sustainable solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.,[object Object],,[object Object],On this journey, Aurora engages with corporates, foundations and entrepreneurs willing to evolve, focused on building their own future and achieving lasting success.,[object Object],,[object Object],Aurora makes the pursuit of extraordinary individual and organisational goals even more meaningful by combining and aligning it with broader scale positive impact; Aurora actively promotes cross-sector collaboration in the search for innovative contributions to the UN’s SDGs.,[object Object],,[object Object],By 2030, Aurora will turn 1,000 outstanding, European young (18-23yo) talents - ‘Aurora Fellows’ - into game changers through an advanced mentorship and personal development programme and prepare them to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.,[object Object],,[object Object],Aurora is part of an ecosystem of foundations, associations and corporate partners who share the same values: care for future generations, trust in entrepreneurship, desire to create intergenerational connections, rational optimism about the Future, belief in giving-back and giving-first.,[object Object],,[object Object],Aurora thrives to develop a privileged relationship with future game-changers, to shape new perspectives on contemporary and future solutions, and to share knowledge in order to amplify the impact generated.,[object Object],
  • ChallengeChallenge

    By 2030 Aurora will: form 1,000 outstanding, European young (18-23yo) students into 21th century game changers- the Aurora Fellows - through a 3-year long, advanced mentorship and personal development programme, Inspire further 5 million young people with horizon-broadening insights and ideas, Join forces with 200 international eminent professionals - the Aurora Wizards - creating an ecosystem of open exploration Engage with 200 leading corporates, enabling them to evolve and to unlock their potential through >350,000 hours of Aurora’s Intrapreneurship Program and access to our annual innovation deep-dive: ‘Q1’, Allocate €10m as seed funding for original experiments and research (6.000 managers and entrepreneurs trained to face the uncertainty that characterizes our future).
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    Talent is everywhere, opportunities are not; in fact, talent can turn into a varying degree of success depending on the relevance of the opportunity is applied to. Aurora selects and develops young talent and, together with its corporate partners, creates the best opportunities to deploy and express their potential. We embrace the Chaos Theory of Careers, i.e. opportunities are randomly distributed, and we aim at providing our Fellows with the largest number of positive opportunities possible in order to promote ‘career adaptability, vocation/calling (beyond job) and moral responsibility in work in the postmodern era’. From a corporate demand perspective, Aurora Fellows are creative, capable of taking pondered risks and fast learning.

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